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Deportation Defense

If you are wanting to immigrate and you follow the correct procedures, you are welcomed into the USA. If you enter illegally or violate immigration laws, you may be forcibly removed.

The threat of deportation is used by the government to try to make certain that immigrants follow the rules. If you are in a situation where you are facing deportation, you can use the services of an attorney to stay in the USA.

Removal/deportation defense is an important part of our practice here at “Law Offices of Anton. We have extensive knowledge of the complex issues of removal law, and can help defend you against deportation.

It is important that we act rapidly to meet with you and your family in prison to prepare the Motion for Release on Bond if possible. You may be assured that your attorney will do everything possible to bypass your expulsion from the USA.

Some common grounds of deportation that may apply are:

-Criminal Grounds

-High Speed Flight

-Security Ground

-Non-citizens likely to become a Public Charge

-False Claims to U.S. Citizenship or Unlawful Voting in U.S. Elections

We have vast experience in defending the rights of immigrants who are involved in “Deportation and Removal” proceedings. We will also take care of appeals of Removal Orders before the Board of Immigration Appeals in district courts and circuit courts of appeals.

You may be able to avoid being deported, depending on your immigration status and the crime you are charged with, by filing for a waiver of the Grounds of Removal. When considering if a waiver may be granted, an immigration judge will balance things such as family ties, employment history and rehabilitation against the criminal conviction.

Your Immigration Attorney will stand with you before the judge and will vigorously defend you to avoid you being deported. You may be eligible for various defenses to removal including asylum, cancellation of removal, voluntary departure, AOS or waivers.

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